Please use the utmost caution when reading my blog. I'm not like normal folks- I'm definitely a one-off, unable to find a box to think in, stand alone in a crowd type of person. I'm an *ahem* year old female who finally realized that I'm not weird... the rest of the world is. I cook, I clean, I multi-task, I roll a mean d20, I home school, and I read banned books. However, I'm not a liberal, not a conservative, not quite a hippie, and not quite a modernist.

I describe my decorating style as geek chic: comfortable, minimal, with quirky pop culture references tucked in surprising places without feeling like a college dorm or comic book store.

I'm a SAHM to two very energetic little boys- Chaos and Doc.  (Names changed to protect privacy.)  I'll talk about them often.  My Husband (aka the Husbeastie) is a grizzly bear of a man and possibly a bigger dork than I am.  He makes me laugh and keeps me balanced.

This blog is a work in progress.