Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Everyone else was doing it.... Sort of.

I live on one of those streets that Norman Rockwell painted about.
Neighbors on all sides, you can tell what season it is just by looking at any porch on the street.
In July, American flags and pots of red, white, and blue flowers litter the facades of every house.  (I myself had bunting draped out and bright red salvia planted everywhere.)
September saw bushels of apples creeping on to the scene as everyone prepped for the block party.

And now?  Now the very Autumnal colors- yellows, rusty reds, oranges- of mums and pumpkins are finding their way to the front stoops.  Ghosts and scarecrows peek out from the hedges and wreaths of fall leaves are on every door.

Every door and porch, that is, except for mine.

My porch is currently littered with bike parts, sports balls, scooters, and roller blades. 

But today I started a few projects (that are low energy since I'm still recovering) that are sure to bring my porch up to standard before the throngs of Trick or Treaters eagerly make their way to my yard in search of the perfect store-bought sugar fix.

Introducing Kitty-Boo!

Currently, Kitty-boo is peeking out from the area under my mail box.  This weekend, he'll be joined by several pots of mums, some mini pumpkins, and a spider or two.

And then there's the Boo Crew:

I know right now they don't look like much, but these milk cartons are the beginnings of a ghostly path luminary set.  Anyone with a toddler knows how much milk you go through in a week.  By Hallow's Eve, I should have another 10 to 12 ghosts joining these guys on my walkway.  Weighted down with gravel, a lighted tea-light inside, these fellows should be a cheerful greeting in my front yard which is seriously lacking in street lights.

I've got more Halloween projects still to come- stick around and watch!

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