Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going Japanese-Random Photos from my Facebook Uploads

Rabbit and Chick Bento: I made this for the kidlets lunch a while back.  The couldn't even wait for me to finish placing things fully because they were "starving".  Chick'n nuggets with carrot beaks and sesame seed eyes, Rabbit-nutella shimmer (what we call a sandwich here) with radish ear and nose, edamame, and grapes.

Inarizushi- I made these for the Hubby's birthday bento.  He was pulling an all-nighter at work and I wanted him to feel loved.  And yes, he ate ALL of these in one sitting.

Rice Bowl: Seems like when Hubby goes out of town, kidlets and I eat simpler.  Rice with radishes, negi, tamago sheet, and a ginger flower.  Under the veggies is some of my homemade kale furikake.  The potstickers were homemade since I'm allergic to most of the ones on the market and have pork, ginger, kale, and negi,

Robo-bento- Chaos wanted a Robot Shimmer for lunch.  So, there's a PB and Honey shimmer with apples, edamame, and raisins.  The robot has some carrot decor on it and was painted with a little blue food pen.

Beef rice bowl: Hubby went out of town again.  Rice tossed with kale and radish sprout furikake, topped with miso braised beef, and slightly pickled negi and carrots.  Topped with a little more sesame seeds for crunch.

We eat a lot of Japanese food here.  A lot.  It seems funny to me sometimes that my pantry next to the stove is almost entirely stocked with Asian condiments, especially considering I grew up eating Mexican and Cajun cuisine almost daily.  And while I still make a killer batch of enchiladas, I reach for the shoyu, mirin, and rice wine vinegar at least five times per week.  I keep miso in the fridge to make a quick cup of soup.  (Me- the girl who can't drink hot coffee because it's weird- actually makes a cup of miso soup two-three times per week.)  And I can work miracles with ramen and udon.

Mmmmmm.... udon.

I know what I'm having for dinner tomorrow.


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by the other day. From your comment it sounds like you are using about the same size boxes as I do. My 2 tier boxes are usually 1-2" deep by 6 inches but I do have some that are smaller. I think my hubbies bento box is 2" deep by 10". :)

  2. awww... thanks! And thanks for letting me know on the box sizes. It just seems so weird to see how much everyone fits in their boxes and realize mine look NOTHING like it. lol!

  3. thank you for your recent comment! I'm certainly inspired to work on my cooking skills, particularly in the proteins department. I also love Japanese cuisine, and inarizushi is a fav! yum!


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