Thursday, February 10, 2011

De-Ick-ifying the Ick... Twice.

     You might have noticed that I've been MIA for a few days.  Ok.  Perhaps a wee bit more than a few days.

     We've had the ick.  Twice.  Last week I had the pleasure of getting a few articles written ahead, patted myself on the back, then came down with the flu.  Then Hubby caught it.  Then the kids caught it.  We were finally back up and running again by the time Super Bowl Sunday rolled around.  Then, on Monday morning, my baby boy collapsed in my arms after being ill all over me.

     He's fine, no worries there, but it was the start of another long week.  One by one, everyone in the house fell under the influence of a mysterious "ick".  I was the last one hit and it hit me very hard.  Today, although I didn't feel great, I was finally able to get up and clean the house a bit- you know, de-ick-ify the place so I didn't have delusional moments of "OH MY GAWDS THE GERMS ARE FIGHTING BACK!!!"

     I'm hoping to be back on track on postings by next week.  Maybe, just maybe, I've seen the last of the ick for a few weeks.

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  1. Feel better! Maybe a HazMat suit is in order? :)
    Good luck against the germs.


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