Thursday, May 12, 2011

12 for 12- May is a Month of Change

I realize this is almost two weeks late, forgive me.  Moving has been very time consuming and then recovering from moving is likewise time consuming.

To recap the last few months- I've lost a bit more weight and it's showing nicely in my face and lower legs.  My scheduling is back on track after being side lined for the move and I'm getting things done.

Goals for this month:

  1. Drink more water, less pop.  Even though I'm now on diet soda 100%, my water intake is hovering right around 64 ounces a day.  Despite that, I'm still drinking a lot of diet soda.  So, my goal is to get to no more than 36 ounces of pop per day this month and up my water to 132 ounces per day.  (And yes, I get that thirsty.)
  2. Utilize my crock pot more.  This place is lacking central a/c so using the stove has been heating the house a great deal.  I plan on loading up the crock pot the night before with oatmeal and letting it simmer gently and starting my dinner plans around 9 am to allow time to bake gently in the crock pot.
  3. Return to my childhood.  It occurred to me when I turned the Smurfs on for the kids the other day that it's been forever since I've watched cartoons.  Or played a board game.  Or sat on a swing.  So, I'm going to take some time to just enjoy how my kids are being kids and try to see things from their perspectives.
  4. Invest in my family's comfort.  When we moved in here, we decided to set up the basement as a huge family room with zones for classroom, entertaining, and just general playroom.  I'm budgeting both time and money this month towards making the basement awesome.
  5. Eat less pasta.  I think I've eaten pasta (in some form) every day for the past month.  I want to menu plan out no more than one pasta meal per week for the next month. I'm going to have to draw the line and include ramen noodles in this list because, well, we go through a lot of ramen.
  6. Put out a bird feeder.  Living out in the country gives us many birds to examine.  In fact, there's a few out there right now that I have NO CLUE what they are.  I plan on setting out varied feeders and grabbing my camera and a bird identification book and having a day observing nature.
  7. Write more.  I've put my novel on the back burner, yet again.  I'm going to start finding time to write a bit more.
  8. Steamline my commitments.  I never realized how much MY schedule was disruptive to everyone else in the house.  Writing for multiple websites, magazines, as well as trying to have some me time has put a crimp in things that should be routine for the rest of the family.  So, I'm streamlining my agreements to only those things that fit on the calendar.  No more "oh, I'll get around to that" type stuff.
  9. Wash the walls.  We've been here less than a month.  The walls were fresh painted before we moved in.  My kids have dirty hands.  Enough said.
  10. Find a bathroom storage method.  Right now, everything in our bathroom exists in two large cardboard boxes.  There's plenty of room for other stuff, I just haven't figured out how to unpack it all in a way that makes sense.  So- before the end of the month, I'll have found a functioning bathroom system.
  11. Find things.  I have a sheepish confession to make: When we moved in here, by the end of the second week, I began unloading stuff straight into the garage.  I figured that by that point, everything I immediately needed would be in the house and the rest of the stuff was just dross.  I'm starting to realize how incredibly wrong I was- especially when I go to look for something like laundry detergent and realize that, "Oh... um... yeah... it's somewhere in the garage."  The garage is PACKED full of stuff.  I need to go through it all and find a place for it.  A lot of it will go to the basement for the classroom.  A lot will stay in the garage for construction purposes.  Then there's all the in-between stuff.
  12. Get the baby out of my bed.  I love my Doc-boy toddler.  Seriously I do.  But, he's been in my bed since February!  And he tosses, and turns, and rolls off the bed.    As much as I love the idea of family bed, my fibromyalgia makes it very painful to carry out.  Being elbowed by little bony body parts all night leaves me covered in bruises and too sore to walk in the morning.  So, I'm setting up the boys room again (as soon as I find stuff) and want to have him transitioned into his big boy bed.

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