Monday, May 16, 2011

Farmer's Market, Here I Come!

I've spent a great deal of time since the move planning my next big project!

You all know how much I LOVE baking. 

Well, I've been sharing some samples of my kitchen goodies around, and the biggest question everyone asks me is why don't I sell my cookies and bread?

Well, um... I don't like professional baking because I hate the smell of icing sugar. 

It hit me- I don't HAVE to bake cakes with frosting.  I can stick to cookies.  I can stick with breads.  I can stick with non-frosted pound cakes.

I have HUNDREDS of recipes I've developed over the past decade.  Each recipe has weeks of testing in it to produce consistent results.

Why not?  But- I don't want to sell BIG.  I'm a busy lady.  Where can I sell small and still have fun being creative?

It hit me- there are farmer's markets EVERYWHERE in this area.

Why not rent a booth for the season?

(Note to the crowd: Yes, I ask myself a LOT of questions.  Unfortunately, I get angry when I don't answer non-rhetorical questions also.)

So, I'm sending in my application for booth space. 

Surprisingly, the Husbeastie is fully supporting of this endeavor.  (I'm fairly sure he's excited to be a taste tester more than anything else.)

So- if my application is approved, expect to see me at the Ohio Valley Farmer's Market in St. Clairsville this summer.  All goes well, and I might expand to a few other markets next season.  If it doesn't go well, I'll go back to the drawing board, plan some more, and get back out there next season.

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  1. Oh, good luck! I wish it was my own farmer's market, so I could try some of your goodies. Pictures and stories! :D


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