Monday, January 17, 2011

My Own Little Neat Freak

On any given day in my house you can expect to find the following:
  • A stack of remote controls and game components on the couch
  • A stack of coupons waiting to be clipped
  • At least 3 dirty socks (I'm never certain why those only show up in odd numbers!)
  • Jackets on the floor
  • Shoes in really weird spots ("Why is there a shoe on the back of the toilet?")
  • Smushed graham crackers
  • A pencil, pen, crayon, or set of dice laying on the floor.

And yet, there's usually far more than that lying about.  It really is shameful and I don't like having a ton of guests over.

Chaos, although he's now 7, LOVES to play with Doc's toys.  Doc is 2.  You'd think we never gave Chaos toys as a baby as fascinated as he is with stacking rings, pretend cameras, and toddler video games. 

Doc, on the other hand, prefers his brother's toys.  HotWheels sets with loops and launchers are popular. 
Doc loves to play.

So, imagine my surprise today when I look over to the classroom area and watch Chaos struggling with his schoolwork.  (He declared it boring and therefore refuses to do it.)  Behind him, Doc is putting away Chaos's toys.  He'd pull one out, play with it, see another toy, put the first one away, then get out the second one.  He did this over and over.

Who is this strange, alien child? 

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