Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Source of all Evil

     I've discovered a new addiction- blog hopping.  Blog hopping is seriously a gateway addiction.  It started out so innocently.  I was reading a blog that I normally read (there's only four or five in my usual rotation to read) and they were linking up a post to another blog on thrifty crafting.  I liked the idea presented and clicked on it to learn more.  I ended up really liking the things in the other blog so I added it to my rotation.  A few days into it, I realized they had added a little blog roll widget to their site.  I had about twenty minutes to kill so I started looking at some of the links.  When I finally looked up from my computer  (and wondered what that smell was), I realized that instead of 20 minutes, I'd been reading for 2 hours.  My pot roast was ruined.  After hiding the evidence (and quickly ordering a pizza and lighting all the scented candles in the house) I stared at my innocent pink netbook.

Did that thing seriously make me LOSE time?  Or did the aliens take me away again?

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