Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fractazmic, the Game of Fractions

    Recently, I was able to jump of the bandwagon of a large word of mouth campaign and pick up a free deck of educational cards from the folks at I See Cards.  They gave out hundreds of decks of cards- just to spread the love of math among students.

    People taking advantage of the offer were given their choice of any of the three math decks offered.  (The offer was for a limited time, unfortunately, and has since closed.)  After looking over the card choices, I decided to give FracTazmic a try.

Per their website:

FracTazmic is a comprehensive interactive fun lesson in fractions that gives your child unlimited practice at their individual level.

Each brightly colored card displays fractions, along with eye catching graphics, to ensure reinforcement. Players will quickly identify the fractions on their cards and calculate their way to fun and learning! Fractazmic teaches fractions, numbers and measurement.

I've already played these with Chaos once, and I have to say, it's a brilliant idea.  However, that being said, Chaos is a bit young to play properly (these are slated grades 1-7), so I'm unable to give a full review at this time.  I'm planning on sharing these with a few of my homeschool co-op members since I do love the idea.

As I mentioned, the folks at I See Cards have three math-based card games: PyraMath, FracTazmic, and PrimeBomb.  Each teaches a valuable set of math skills in a fun, non-threatening way.

 Along with the cards, I was also sent a sharable discount code.  If you purchase any products at shop.iseecards.com you can use the promo code mathisfun for 50% off anything up until April 7. You can share this code with as many people as you'd like.

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