Friday, March 25, 2011

Stuff I Like: The Daydream Edition

     It's always great to daydream a little on Friday morning.  (Especially if your Friday is as chilly as mine is today!)  While waiting to take the kids for a little pediatric visit (which I haven't told Tantrum the Younger about yet), I thought I'd throw together a quick little post of some random awesomeness I've found around the web. 

This ceramic egg carton would look so cute in my fridge!  If only it came in a 6 dozen egg size.  From

      I see serious potential in these for the boys' room.  I'm going to have to contact etsy seller handz to see if they also have a Return of the Jedi piece.  I can just visualize this on the navy blue wall, above the white board and batten trim.  Their room is white and navy blue with lots of little pops of aqua, lime, and orange.  At $19 each, this is some cute AND affordable artwork.

Speaking of geekery, this sticker set is AWESOME.  I'm so tempted to sneak these onto our minivan and see if anyone notices or gets the reference.  (For non-geeky readers, this is a reference to the Dune series by Frank Herbert.  There have been two major- and amazing- movie adaptations.  This also happens to be one of Husbeastie's major geek triggers.)  These stickers come from another etsy seller, mashafalkov, at $2 per set of 4.

   Let me know if you find any subtle geekery or kitchen awesomeness around the web.  I'd love to take a look at it!

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