Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Uses for Things in Your Closet

I seriously love Real Simple.  It's one of the few magazines that I keep adding to my wish list (in the hopes that Hubby would get a clue on what I'd REALLY like for our anniversary.  I have no clue WHY he got me an "onion keeper" for the fridge.  Seriously.  No clue.)

This Real Simple gem for surprising closet organizers comes at the perfect time.  I'm in the middle of tackling the giant pile of laundry in my bedroom floor.  (No, I didn't put it there.  It migrates on it's own through some odd symbiotic relationship with my 7 year old.)  The end hope is that I can get things corralled long enough to oil mop the floor and actually put my mattress on the little metal legs it's supposed to be supported by.  Those are currently taking up space I need in my basement. 

So, here's a peek at Real Simple's 19 Surprising Closet Organizers...

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