Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Menu Strategy: March 1-7, 2011

I realize we've already started with today, but I think I'll enjoy plotting this out a week at a time.  I'm going to include a few comments showing why I'm choosing certain meals or snacks or why we're going out to eat.  We normally don't go out to eat that often, this month has just been a huge anomaly since everyone has been sick and we've been too exhausted to cook by the end of the day.

           Breakfast: cereal bars, fruit, and milk (this is the kids preference)
           Snack: fresh fruit
           Lunch: Bento-turkey cocktail sausages, apples, pretzels, oatmeal raisin cookie.
           Snack: fresh fruit
           Dinner: Beef Stew over Asiago Polenta

           Breakfast: cereal, fruit, and milk (this is the kids preference)
           Snack: fresh fruit
           Lunch: Bento-turkey and cheese shimmers, grapes, cheese wedge
           Snack: fresh fruit
           Dinner: Taco Crescents with fresh salsa

           Breakfast: scrambled egg, toast, juice
           Snack: cereal bar
           Lunch: Out for Lunch!  (Playdate)
           Snack: crackers and cheese
           Dinner: Veggie Sushi and Tamago with Miso Soup and Ginger Salad

Friday: (Busy all day!)
           Breakfast: Out to eat (Panera sounds good!)
           Snack: cereal bars
           Lunch: Out to eat
           Snack: snack bento- fruit and cheese (art class)
           Dinner: Take out/Out to Eat

           Breakfast: French Toast, sausage, eggs
           Snack: Half a PB shimmer
           Lunch: Bento or MTM- onigiri and fruit with Turkey sausages
           Snack: cereal bar and fresh fruit (scavenger hunt at Nature Center!)
           Dinner: Pulled Pork with Quick Pickles and Garlic bread

           Breakfast: Fresh Fruit, Eggs, Sausage, Grits
           Snack: fresh fruit
           Lunch: Out to Lunch (We always go let the kids run off steam somewhere during lunch on Sundays)
           Snack: fresh fruit
           Dinner: Roasted Turkey with Stuffing, Corn, and Cranberries (Gotta make room in the freezer!)

            Breakfast: Cereal, milk
           Snack: fresh fruit
           Lunch: Turkey Quesadillas, fruit
           Snack: fresh fruit
           Dinner: Turkey Tamale Pie with Salad

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