Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Project

...at least I'm excited about this one.

Last year, for GC's holiday feature, I came up with the notion to host a 12 Days of Geekmas feature.  So, for 12 days, each of the Chicas wrote a holiday themed post- most of them were gift suggestions.

Afterward, we weren't horribly happy with the format of it.  I admit, it was amusing but pretty much not in the spirit of Geekmas.

This year, I proposed that we use the 12 Days feature as a blog-a-thon.  Let's raise awareness for someone else with a cause close to the GC's heart.

The proposal passed.  The GCs are all writing their own take on holiday articles- some sentimental, some flippant, some gift lists... 
And now I'm lining up promotional content.

(As if I weren't busy enough between Captain Chaos and Doctor Anarchy...)

But, GC is a website very close to my heart.  I've enjoyed writing for it for the past year and a half.  There's something oddly comforting in knowing that despite my whole "June Cleaver with a dicebag" persona, that I'm accepted by some really feministic women.

I love that my organizational skills are being put to good use for a good cause.

As a side note, my Husbeastie, after looking over my notes made the crack that I needed to "start a Non-Profit Organization." 
Why haven't I ever thought of that?  I do have a save the world complex, and I love volunteering and working on causes.  Why not take on a cause or two that are underrepresented such as infantile scoliosis support or Lead Toxicity Emergency Aid?

So, I'm seriously playing with the notion. 

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