Thursday, November 18, 2010

Towers of Midnight

  After waiting a year for the latest Wheel of Time book to come out, you'd better believe I was at the book store when it opened.  I read it as much as the kids would allow and finished it in about 9 hours.  

Chaos, in an attempt to get more TV time and not be sent to bed, brought the book out.  He told me that if he could read the book to me, then he'd get to stay up late... and get a new Hot Wheels track.

This was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Sure.  Although I normally don't negotiate with terrorists, I figured I'd give him a chance.

He stumbled through the first word.  I didn't mind.  He actually was reading, even if it was poorly.
The second word was easy.  It was one of his sight words.
At the third word, he threw his hands up, shut the book, sighed dramatically..."I'm NEVER gonna get new Hot Wheels tracks..."

Inside I'm proud of my kiddo for trying.  And something tells me he might just get that Hot Wheels track---under the tree, of course.

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