Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh What Fun!

There's nothing quite as nice as peanut butter cups and a really good glass of white wine.

You know, no matter how I think about that, it sounds awfully low brow. 

Thanksgiving went well.  Personally, I was exhausted.  I've been suffering from some serious insomnia the past few months, and it caught up with me this weekend.

On Monday I'd started a massive cleaning project.  I got about 3/4 of the way through and then was forced to stop for Cub Scouts.  The problem with me stopping any project before completion is that I rarely pick it back up.  Once we got home from Scouts, I had just enough time to get the kids fed and ready for bed.

Tuesday, I worked on project some more.  I didn't get very far.  Doc has a rotten cold and he's been clingy.  So, I'm having to stop constantly to pick up and coddle a cranky toddler.

Wednesday, the Hubby woke me up at 6 when he came in from work.  I'd fallen asleep at 5:30.  He was in a good mood and insisted on going out for pancakes and shopping.  Later, fortified by French Toast and Sausage, I let him talk me into a trip to Target and Walmart. 
We went home, dropped Hubby off and then I ended up going grocery shopping.  Yes- the day before Thanksgiving is possibly the worst day to be at a grocery store in the US.  Even crazier, I was out of EVERYTHING.  So, two kids in tow, I head into the grocery store.  Three carts and five temper tantrums later, after dodging crowds and apologizing to five people for my son running them down with a grocery cart, I finally managed to get to the check out line.  It took two clerks to help me load the car.  Oddly enough, though, the folks in line behind me were impressed with my coupon use: I saved over 700 dollars.  Still not my record, but it's a nice chunk of change back.
By the time I got groceries unloaded, the kids in bed for nap time, and then the groceries unpacked, I was ready to call it a night.  However, we had guests coming over in less than an hour and I still had cleaning projects to finish.  So, I resorted to ordering pizza while I cleaned the house.
After the guys left, Hubby and I got the kids dressed and headed out to Waffle House.  It's midnight by this point, Thanksgiving morning.

Waffle House is an anniversary tradition for the Husbeastie and I.  When we were married 7 years ago, it was Thanksgiving.  We went into Houston, Texas for our honeymoon and nothing was open.  NOTHING.  We'd declined my Mom's offer to pack us a picnic since we'd thought there would easily be a place open in Houston.  Nothing.  We ended up at Waffle House.  We were there first customers the entire day.  It was 8 pm.  They were so glad for the interruption to their boredom, when they found out it was our wedding day, they brought us a whole pie.  Ever since then, we go to Waffle House on Thanksgiving. 
(We celebrate our anniversary on Thanksgiving rather than the actual date simply because we met on Thanksgiving and were married the next year on Thanksgiving.  It has more sentimental value than just saying, "Oh, we were married on the 27th...")

We got home at 2 in the morning, tucked the kids in bed, and then sat watching a movie for a bit. 
I had an alarm set for 8 so I could get up and cook.  I didn't realize that Hubby came in and turned off my alarm when the kids woke up early.  I ended up sleeping until 11.  It was so nice, but I was sooo sick.  My child shared his cold with me. 

Once the cold meds kicked in, I was more than happy to cook.

A few friends showed up later to eat with us then, after they left and the kids were once again in bed, another movie was watched.  I went to bed at 4 this morning and I woke up at 9 feeling AWESOME.  For the first night in weeks, I slept more than 4 hours. 

Now, I'm headed up to bed to see if I can repeat the experience.  I'm hoping for 6 hours tonight.


  1. I hope you get some sleep tonight, Morgana!!! Praying you feel better and glad you did have some good times in there too. =)

  2. You need to sleep! Enjoyed reading more about you.

    -Heidi Ferrer


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