Friday, November 12, 2010

The Holidays are Here Again

I keep asking Husbeastie to move the giant TV out of the living room.  It's supposed to be in the bedroom since we already have a TV in the living room.  (Personally, I HATE having a TV in the bedroom- I grew up watching one too many horror movies.)

I need the corner the TV is in to place the tree this year.
TV is on a large dresser... that needs to go into the dining room to act as a buffet.
However, to make it more confusing my photography equipment and a giant Sun server are currently occupying the area in the dining room where the dresser will be going.

(Yeah- I seriously need to unpack.  However, I'm putting it off since we're planning on moving in February or March.)

I start my decorating on November 21st.  I know that's a bit early- but it was one of the worst days of my life.  Three years ago, I lost a baby on November 21st.  Since life moves on, but my heart skips a beat that day, I try to keep the day as positive as I can.

I'll put up the tree, hang the stockings, put the wreath on the door...
I don't do a ton of decorating- just enough to raise my mood.

Then there's Thanksgiving.,,

  This Thanksgiving marks my 8th Thanksgiving with my Hubs.  We actually met on Thanksgiving, 8 years ago.  It also marks our 7th wedding anniversary.  Yep- we got married the next Thanksgiving after we met.
So, Thanksgiving is kind of a big deal here. 

There are some traditions we keep- there's always a cherry pie.  ALWAYS.  I'll share the story of that later this month, especially since it was the beginning of the rest of my life.
I always make my own cream of mushroom soup.  I'm convinced there's a special place in hell, right next to porn stars, for people who use canned cream of mushroom soup.
I grew up with cornbread stuffing- he grew up with bread stuffing.  I make both.
I grew up with chocolate sauce on turkey.  He thinks I'm nuts.  So, I make chocolate sauce to prove how nuts I am.

Then there's Waffle House.  Yeah- I know, it sounds weird.  We go to Waffle House every year for our Anniversary.  The day we got married, we left for our honeymoon and it became obvious that nothing was open... except Waffle House.  We've gone to a Waffle House every year since then.

Yule is approaching as well.  I'm struggling with the kids' list this year.
I know Evil and Brie are going to get clothing, books, and probably a gift-card from me.  Evil really wants a bento box.  Brie really wants to learn Japanese.  I might go ahead and pull a j-list order since I can also pick up some stuff for the Husbeastie from them.
Husbeastie wants a bass guitar.  This is the man that has NO musical experience outside of playing Rock Band a few times.  Other things he's asked for include a bottle of cognac, some vodka, and parts to upgrade his computer.  At least he's reasonable.  I'll throw in socks and underwear just because I always individually wraps socks and underwear for everyone to confuse them.
Chaos says he's asking Santa for a skate board and a guinea pig.  Um... I already can't get him to clean the litter box... why the heck a guinea pig?  He'll probably get some Hot Wheels and clothes too.
Doc has only just started noticing the TV.  From commercials he pays attention to, I'm thinking he's getting some more large blocks and possibly a trike.  I just think he's a bit young still.
Me?  No clue.  I asked for pots and pans.  Hubby will get me gloves, scarf, and a hat.  He always does.  (I also lose them almost immediately as I chase a kid through the cold...)  He'll probably also get me a pair of toe-socks.  I love toe socks!  Last year he got me fluffy pink ones.  I ask for a necklace with a long chain every year... still haven't gotten it yet.  (I've got a huge neck.  I need like a 24 inch chain.)  Last year he found a 20 inch chain... and Chaos broke it the first time I wore it.  I know I'm getting my ears pierced again since they've grown up somehow.  I don't know- I really wish I were one of those girly girls that could come up with all sorts of girly things to want.  I'm more a practical chick.  Give me a pot, a pan, a new whisk... eh.  I'd honestly be happy if he'd just ask someone to come over and unpack for me.

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