Thursday, April 14, 2011

And Sango-Kitty Mews For Attention

     Moving has been crazy.  Boxes everywhere, schedules disrupted, my kitchen in utter chaos... I realized today that there was a casualty in all of them.  Poor Sango, our little cat, has been forced out of her usual routine and into a very uncomfortable life.

    On the one hand, every kitty-jingly-ball and catnip filled mouse has been pulled out of hiding spots.  On the other hand, every kitty-jingly-ball and catnip filled mouse has been pulled out of hiding spots--- and into the hands of my overly eager toddler who wants nothing more than to be BFFs with his four-legged housemate.  Several times a day you see him trotting around the house holding a catnip-laced toy in one sticky little hand while calling, "HE-AH, keeety keety KEETy, SAWnGOH?!?...."  The look of sheer terror on Sango's face is epic and calls for a lot of pity.  Unfortunately, I'm too busy to give her much of anything at the moment.

     Tonight, out of desperation, she sat in front of me STARING.  Just staring.  Anytime I attempted to look away, she moved in front of me again.  She put a careful paw out.  She trilled questioningly.  And I smacked myself in the forehead.  I'd forgotten to feed her...

    I suppose I owe her a good long ear scritching... and a new catnip mouse.  And another kitty treat.  And, more than that, I owe her a plain old apology and a day in a safe hiding spot- so she can observe her kingdom without being a part of it.


  1. Our cats, especially our black cat Star, are really good with Emily. Star even lets her hug him - it's too cute.

  2. I have to admit, Sango is EXCELLENT with the boys. She tolerates all but the most rough behavior. It's funny, because sometimes you can tell she's thinking, "I only put up with this because you clean my litter box!" and other times she's thinking, "Short-human with sticky hands- scratch a little higher... no, I said HIGHER..." It doesn't mean that she doesn't like to be let alone at times as well, though.


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