Tuesday, April 5, 2011

C is for Chocolate Yogurt!

Can you guess who will be getting a bath next?

     Doc had some sensory issues from day 1.  He likes to sleep in certain positions.  He would only use certain blankets.  He wouldn't eat certain textures.

     So, despite the fact that I despise messy food, when his OT suggested I let him try something with a sticky texture I agreed.  Mentally, I KNEW it would end well... messy.  But, I brought out the chocolate yogurt and he managed to actually get some inside him.  Even better, when he happily went into his little bath tub, I knew we'd crossed a serious moment in his therapy.

    To this day, he's still making a mess- you should have seen him attack the rice with chopsticks last night!- but he is a far neater diner than his older brother.  And, if I have to wipe a chin every now and then- well, that's ok by me.


  1. That's an adorable photo of him!

    Just a curious question on my part: have you ever thought about or talked to someone about him being on the Autism Spectrum? Obviously sensory issues alone don't mean anything but they are a sign. Just curious!

  2. @Every Little Thing- yes. My oldest daughter has Asperger's so all of the kids are regularly screened. Doc's issues seemed to all be tied into his scoliosis- almost as if it were his personal technique to adjust to the curve in his spine. Once he started treatment for the scoli, all the therapy seemed to jump into overdrive. He's now only got a few minor quirks instead of major sensory issues. He still likes certain blankets- but now it's an obvious preference rather than an insistence. Same thing with food- he loves to eat now, but there are some things he prefers we feed him and others that are woe-betide-the-person-who-dares-insult-him-by-holding-the-spoon... lol! We're even almost to the point that he'll be in the same room as a running shower and he's starting to request cups over bottles. All minor quirks, but noticeable ones.


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