Monday, April 11, 2011

Packing Makes Such a Mess

     I always assumed moving should be a tidy process.  After all, I'm not a huge collector of junk.  I toss my trash and recycle regularly.  Therefore, putting the things I own into a box should require two steps- pick up and pack up.  So, why is it that I've got 45 half-filled boxes and 10 bags of trash waiting to go out? 

    Each time we've moved - keep in mind this is our 20th move together in 8 years- it seems as if we start out really simply with a goal of putting like items in boxes together.  Dishes go with dishes.  Office supplies go with other office supplies.  Craft items should all go in one box.  Somewhere towards the end of the process, I finally throw my hands in the air and just start tossing EVERYTHING together.  Office supplies will end up with shampoo.  Toys will get mixed in with pantry items.  After all, by the end of the process, I can't waste the time to sort things.

     I'm actually counting DOWN the days now.  Instead of the moving process being some generic future thought, it's become tangible.  I should panic, looking around the giant piles and rooms filled with stuff.

     I find myself far calmer than my husband.  He woke up today with an overwhelming sense of urgency.  Before today, the thought of moving wasn't a real thing.  It was still a long way away, he had time to play his video games before packing them up.  But today- BAM!  It hit him hard.  He's questioned me several times as to why I'm taking the time to re-read a magazine article or why I'm bothering with cooking a meal from scratch.  After all, these are things that need to be packed.

     To be honest, I'm not certain why I'm so laid back about the process right now.  It's possible that all my earlier stress was unhealthy and I'm giving myself a mental health day- a moment to relax before the storm hits.  Perhaps it's because I work faster and neater under stress.  Or, perhaps it's because I've finally found my stride.  I'm packing and cleaning, tidying and labeling, changing diapers and cooking dinner... as a routine. 

   After all, if I don't have the process down by now- number 20, that is- perhaps I shouldn't own things.

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