Friday, April 1, 2011

12 for 12- April Showers Can't Hold Me Down

     March passed quickly in a large blur of activity.  I'm pleased to note that since the beginning of the year I've completely stopped drinking full-sugar sodas.  My diet soda intake has decreased and I drink a lot more water now than before.  The good news:  IT SHOWS.  I've dropped 25 pounds since January and quite a few of my brand new "girly" clothes no longer fit me.  I hope to continue the momentum with my April goals.
  1. Incorporate a new exercise.  I walk everywhere.  I'm thinking I'll do something fun like start playing my Dance Central game or maybe get the tire on my bike fixed.
  2. Pack it ALL in.  We're moving again, and for a change, I'm hoping to have everything neatly packed instead of tossed into baskets or bags and thrown around without a system.  (Yes, I can promise many posts from this process.)
  3. Play with my kids.  I don't feel like I take enough time to just PLAY with them anymore- we're all schoolwork or routine.
  4. Create a writing schedule.  I've been lousy at pre-planning my posts.  I'm going to start actually writing the things I'm thinking of down and working on them.
  5. Just click it.  I own several digital cameras, but I rarely get to practice my photography.  I even took classes in college and LOVE the technical aspects of photography.  Time to pick it back up as a hobby.
  6. Enter a cooking competition.  I'm far from a paid food blogger and my chef days are long over, why not have a little fun and enter something like the Pillsbury Bake Off?
  7. Start an inspiration file.  I see a ton of pictures of things that I love- home decor, craft ideas, books... I need to start saving some of them for those days when I just can't beat my doldrums.
  8. Pay off another debt.  I'm going to pay off another $200 in back debt.
  9. Meditate Daily.  I'm sure this is going to be on the list almost every month.  
  10. Create a Home Binder.  I'm seeing these everywhere on the web, and while I LOVE the thought of it, it's never been the "right time".  Starting at a new place will mean a new beginning and a clean start.
  11. Turn the TV off.  And the lights.  We celebrated Earth Hour as a family and actually had FUN as a family playing games by candle light.
  12. Set the table.  Usually we're too stressed by the end of the day to eat all together, so we sprawl out wherever we can find a comfortable spot and eat.  I'm noticing that we are nicer to each other when we eat together, so I want to find a way to work this in to our regular routine.

Remember, 12 for 12 isn't about HUGE changes, it's about little changes- such as changing the chair we sit in for dinner- that make a huge impact in our lives.

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  1. Great resolutions, and CONGRATS on the choice to be healthier! :D


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