Friday, December 10, 2010

Chaos and the Homemade Cards

Chaos LOVES getting mail. 
He's obsessed with the mail man's arrival every day.  And he's crushed when there is nothing for him. 

Every year, I sign him up for Kids Crafts Weekly's International card exchange.  In it, you are assigned 10 other families to send cards to.  The trick is that the cards MUST be handmade BY THE CHILDREN SENDING THEM.

So, normally I buy blank cards and let him decorate them. 
This year, we decided to see what we had around the house.

We started with a standard size filing folder.  (I have a huge amount of these because I'm addicted to procrastinating about filing things away.  No, seriously?  Ok, I use them for home schooling to make lap books.)

Step 1) Since a folder is already folded, he cut the excess side off.

Step 2) He cut the "card" side of the folder in half.  This gave him two square shaped cards.

Step 3) Decorate the cards.  He chose to just use a rubber stamp, but I offered him a chance to use glitter, glue, draw his own pictures, etc...

Step 4) The finished project.  He stamped in two contrasting colors.  Some cards got more stamping, some cards less.  But, since this was a made-by-kids-only project, I'm not complaining at how odd some of the cards looked.
Once that was done, I made some simple envelopes from paper from my office supply stash and we mailed them out. 


  1. that's an awesome little project for kids!

  2. what a great idea! he should sell his cards on etsy. =) an entrepreneur in the making.


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