Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cold Hands, Warm Heart Swap

About a month ago, I signed up for The Cold Hands, Warm Heart Swap that is being hosted by Sandy a la Mode and Much Love, Illy.

The Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap is a swap created to keep your hands warm as Winter approaches and the weather gets colder.  It’s also a way for bloggers to make new friends across the blog-world.  Doesn’t your heart get warm when you make new friends?  Your package should include a pair of gloves AND any other items you think your partner would like!  You can never have too many pairs of cute gloves and who doesn’t love getting some extra unexpected goodies in their packages too?  Please make sure your package is made from the heart!

Who wouldn't want to participate in something that fun?!?

I was partnered with Aime, a truly talented jewelry designer from Sense and Sensibility.
I was so excited to see her package on my doorstep!  (After all, I'm always excited to see anything that isn't a bill or a note with the words "your son" and "flower bed" in it!)
The Box!  Part of me wondered if she had ever met my Mom, but no... my Mom uses FAAAAAAAR more tape.

Is that Reese's?

The Loot: A Lovely Nubby Scarf, Scented Candles, and Reese's

Look at the lovely Nubby Scarf!  It's so WARM!

I've had the joy of wearing the scarf out and about several times now- it's been snowing here since last Thursday.  I received several compliments on it last night during Chaos's Cub Scout meeting.  It looks amazing on me and makes my skin look all dewy and young.  (And this Mama of four will take a youngish-looking face any day!)

Thanks Aime!


  1. Oooo I love Reese's trees! And that scarf is lovely...the color is fabulous!!

    Your fellow CHWH participant,


  2. wow what a beautiful scarf! that's awesome that you already received compliments on it!! :) thank you soo much for participating in the swap!!!

  3. Sounds like a neat swap! Love the scarf!

  4. i love me some reeses' and what a sweet scarf!!!
    thanks for joining in the fun, friend!!

  5. Very nice! Warm neck and good stuff to eat. :D


    (Another CHW<3 participant.)

  6. "Part of me wondered if she had ever met my Mom, but no... my Mom uses FAAAAAAAR more tape." HAHA- this made me LOL.

    You received some cool stuff!

  7. Lovely scarf! And the Resee's Pieces were a super sweet touch.

  8. Great swap package- Love the scarf looks cozy!

    Found you via the Link Party- Here is my swap post-http://ladyofthearts.blogspot.com/2010/12/cold-hands-warm-hearts.html

  9. That's a pretty scarf.

    Sofia, fellow CHWH swapper

  10. That is quite a lovely scarf!

    - A fellow CHWH participant

  11. Very pretty scarf! And you gotta love reeses :)

    Love from a chwh participant!

  12. I love how your package had a color theme to it! Very cute!! :)

    - Fellow CHWH participant
    Michelle of http://michelle-esque.blogspot.com


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