Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Household Hint Wednesday: Portioning Soap

Every Wednesday, I'll bring you a simple tip to make your life a little easier.  Some of them are downright ingenious and others so basic you'll be slapping your forehead wondering why you haven't thought of it already.  (Or, maybe you have!)

My son HATES showers.  Being 6, I fully expect this phase to pass when he discovers dating, but until then, I tolerate all manner of excuses on why he "can't" take a shower.

His biggest excuse lately: I'm out of soap! 

My son, while detesting showers, loves BUBBLES.  He uses as much soap as possible to get as many bubbles as his brief stint in the shower allows.  I've watched as he's gone through an entire bottle of body wash in one bathing.  He just doesn't understand how much soap he's allowed to use.

The solution: A discarded medicine cup.  This holds about a tablespoon of soap.  He fills the lid with soap, then pours that onto his wash cloth for bathing.  Any soap left in the cup is his to play with AFTER he's clean.

Chaos is pleased with being able to bathe without maternal interference and I'm pleased that I don't have to turn into the Soap-Nazi.

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